The Swan Holmes Chapel – will it ever re-open?

The Swan Holmes ChapelSamuel Smiths Brewery owns The Swan on Station Road, Holmes Chapel. It underwent an extensive renovation a couple of years ago, and then re-opened with a remodelled interior and with new accommodation available. A very welcome thing in Holmes Chapel where there aren’t that many places to stay. Sadly it has been left closed up now for some time, I can’t remember exactly when it closed but I think it’s over a year now? This is one of the few pubs in Holmes Chapel with an excellent garden, and it’s right next to the Station.

For reasons best known to Sam Smiths, when it re-opened, it seemed to be specced as one of their “cheaper to drink in” pubs and it had a strangely limited range of drinks. For example, Red wine, white wine and rose wine. That was it. No variety of wine, no brands of wine. No New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for example. Similarly, the range of beers was quite limited. But the drinks were all very cheap.  It was as if the brewery didn’t know where the pub was. Holmes Chapel is a relatively affluent place, with a lot of demand for places to eat and drink. OK, the Swan has always been popular with people wanting a cheap beer after work – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but it was a strange approach for an area like this.

I know people who also stayed there when visiting for a party (our party) and they spoke very highly of it – the accommodation, the staff at the time, and the quality of the breakfast. The prices were also cheaper than the other local alternatives I believe. You can see on Tripadvisor that it was doing well and seemed to be popular enough. I have no idea what happened to the management but it’s a shame that they decided to go.

So, now the brewery are looking for someone to manage the pub for them. And they have been for some time. There are signs in the windows asking for applicants. I have no idea if anyone has even applied.  See ima

The Swan Holmes Chapel Job vacancy

ge for details if you are interested in running what is potentially a fantastic pub in a great village with very good schools etc.

What’s even more ironic is that LOADS of houses have been built right near to the pub itself – and there’s the Community centre almost over the road. There’s never been a better time to have a pub right where this one is.  If Sam Smiths read this I really hope they will do everything they can to get this popular pub back up and running as soon as possible. We need as many night economy businesses as possible.

And if you are reading this and you are looking for a job – maybe you can be the one to save it!

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